Primary School

Constantia Park

We are super excited to welcome the newest part of our Situla family – the Constantia Park Campus.

This remedial primary school accommodates Gr 1 to Gr 3 learners following the IMPAQ learning programme combined with the national CAPS curriculum.  In future the campus will extend to accommodate learners up to grade 7.

In keeping with Situla’s winning recipe – classes are very small (10- 12 learners) allowing for lots of individual attention and support. Our qualified and enthusiastic teachers create an environment where each learner is motivated and encouraged to participate and enjoy learning.

Because being a strong reader influences all other areas of learning, each learner receives extra weekly reading classes. Occupational therapy also forms part of the Situla school programme.  The Occupational Therapists will introduce different occupational strategies to enhance each child’s learning.  The Occupational therapist will do an evaluation and feedback will be provided to discuss each child’s specific programme.

A therapy centre on the premises guarantees that professional support is always on hand to support learners and parents. Therapeutic services include a Speech therapist, Educational Psychologist/ play therapist, Occupational therapist, reading centre and Lego therapist.

533 Rudolf street
Stand #812
Constantiapark x2

Gr 1 to Gr 3 (in Future Gr 7)

  • Speech delays
  • Language delays
  • Autism spectrum
  • ADHD

*We unfortunately are not equipped to take in children with physical disabilities.

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Kinderkinetics
  • Paws 4 God (animal assisted therapy)
  • Swimming
  • Educational Psychologist and Play Therapy
  • Lego therapy
  • Sport
  • Reading programme
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