Rooihuiskraal Campus

Our beautiful Rooihuiskraal Campus is situated in the heart of Centurion. We believe happy children make good learners and through education we can unlock a whole new world for your child.

Our junior side provides learners with lots of individual attention and activities structured around their individual learning needs, not only to address back logs, but also prepare them to work and learn in a bigger group setting. We focus on motor development, stimulating sensory activities, self-help skills and of course… speech and language development!

On the senior side, our preschool functions more like a mainstream preschool. Learner’s school day is made up of preschool activities combined with therapeutic input. Our remedial teaching focuses on school readiness and we work hard to catch up on specific back logs. Our aim is to prepare our learners for a bigger, more mainstream environment. Our Gr. R’s follow the IMPAQ learning programme. They still receive lots of individual attention and therapies to ensure that all back logs are addressed, social and self help skills are in place and they have a solid scholastic foundation.

Because we believe in a trans-disciplinary approach, we have different therapists on staff. Our learners receive Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and Kinderkinetics every week and individual STAR tutoring sessions for an hour every day. Centurion Campus also offers swimming, music therapy and Judo as optional extras. Our extensively trained teaching and tutoring staff create a structured and caring learning environment where happy learners can grow and develop to their full potential.


21 Panorama Road
Centurion, Pretoria

Age 2-8 years.

  • Speech delays
  • Language delays
  • Autism spectrum
  • ADHD

*We unfortunately are not equipped to take in children with physical disabilities. 

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Kinderkinetics
  • Paws 4 God (animal assisted therapy)
  • Swimming
  • Educational Psychologist and Play Therapy