Mary Mosue

Campus Captain at Situla Constantia Park

Mary Mosue is currently studying her BA in Sociology and Developmental Studies. She has gravitated towards the sociology of education and the experiences that affect education.

During her studies at the University of Pretoria, Mary began her journey in the field of Autism in 2013.  She trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and worked in customising individualised programs, tracking results, behaviour intervention plans and meaningful learner skill acquisition.  In 2015 Mary joined the Situla team and trained under Karen and Estee where her knowledge in the Autism Spectrum grew, as she began training through the Special Needs Adapted Program (SNAP).

Mary has recently rejoined the team in 2021 after working at a mainstream school as a Blended Learning Support Facilitator, where learning took place through hybrid learning.  In this role, Mary worked with a team of professionals to deliver learning experiences to learners through providing a centralised platform where educators can reach their learners’ individual needs.  Mary continues to up-skill herself through in-house training provided by the directors, working alongside therapists and being part of a network of educators who are game-changers in the inclusive education system.

  • 072 016 0007
  • 533 Rudolf street, Stand #812, Constantia Park x2, Pretoria
Mary Mosoe