Jessica Ivanovic

Campus Captain at Situla Kwazulu-Natal

Jessica Ivanovic studied for a seven-year Master’s Degree in Music Therapy at the University of Pretoria and graduated with distinction in 2021.

Since then, she has gained experience in music therapy for special needs (profoundly intellectually and physically disabled, CP, ASD, and syndromes) with both groups and individuals, by working at non-profit organisations like Little Eden Society and Baby Therapy Centre.

She has completed specialised training courses in trauma counselling, psychological first aid, and special needs. In most spaces, she has held burnout groups for care workers and parents of special needs children. Jessica started her own business the Arts Therapy Centre where she sees individual clients to support mental health, as well as do educational and mental health awareness workshops.

She is very passionate about advocacy and breaking mental health stigmas, which is why she is also on the advocacy task team board for the South African National Arts Therapies Association.

Jessica Ivanovic