Elaine Lategan

Headmaster at Situla Eldoraigne Campus

After qualifying as an educator, specializing in education for learners with individual educational needs in my fourth year, at the University of the Western Cape, I started my teaching career at a mainstream school where I’ve worked as an educator for two years.

I then accepted a teaching post at a centre for learners with cerebral palsy and spent the next five years there. This was truly where my love and passion for working with learners experiencing educational challenges was confirmed. I will always be grateful for this opportunity I received and for the insight and valuable experience I gained during these five years that I decided to continue my journey as an educator working with learners experiencing challenges with learning.

After these five years I was fortunate to be appointed principal of another school for learners with individual educational needs where I spent the next twelve years. Yet another major learning curve. Here I had the opportunity to work with the Department of Education, the Governing Body of the school, architects, quantity surveyors and builders to build a new school for our learners. This was the ultimate. After twelve amazing years my family relocated to Durban.

In Durban I once again joined a school for learners with cerebral palsy and autism. I worked here for the next seven years just gaining more experience of the needs in education. After these seven years we moved to Pretoria, Centurion.
Here I found a teaching post at an academy for remedial education. I was appointed deputy principal and worked with a team with a vast variety of expertise, sharing information and broadening our horizons to the benefit of our learners. After twelve unbelievable years I believe I made the final change in my career.

I moved on to join the Situla team. I feel blessed to be part of such a fabulous team. I trust that we will go from strength to strength helping and educating the children who have been placed in our care.

  • 082 829 0709
  • Situla Eldoraigne Campus, 21 Weavind Avenue, Eldorainge, Centurion, Pretoria, 0157
  • karen@situla.co.za