Mom – son age 6

My son was diagnosed with autism right before his 3rd birthday. I can remember how my husband was holding my hand while I was trying my best to compose myself and hold my tears back. In seconds we felt lost and had a list of questions we weren’t sure we would be able to answer. We came across Situla and we felt the massive question mark lift of our shoulders. The amount of growth we have seen in our son is absolutely outstanding. All the staff and teachers go out of their way to create an environment where kids are accepted and learn without feeling different. Situla provides a support system, not only for us as parents but for our children. The community and communication between therapist, teachers and us as parents is wonderful, clear and open. Achievements get celebrated no matter how small or big. Situla goes out of their way to ensure that each child is treated like an individual and it is very clear the amount of love that Situla has and gives our children every day.