Stimulation Centre

Situla Midrand Campus

The Situla Midrand Stimulation Centre is established in Blue Hills Midrand.  The Campus has a beautiful open outdoor space, where our happy learners spend time exploring their environment, learning through doing and connecting with their peers and educators.

Our indoor learning centre offers a nurturing space designed to offer opportunity to engage, explore and grow.  The space was specifically designed to holistically support the early learning, physical, intellectual, emotional and sensory needs of our children.  Our child-centered developmental stimulation program not only focuses on early learning but values communication, play, exploration, active engagement and collaboration.

Our philosophy and goal with each child is to ignite their natural curiosity and love for early learning!

A typical day at the Situla Midrand Campus: The stimulation program is based on early learning, and focuses on physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. Our learner program is individualized to each child’s needs.

We believe strongly in a multi-disciplinary approach, thus our early learners receive integrated Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy, Kinderkinetics and Physical Education every week.

Our small groups allow children to actively engage in their early developmental programs whilst forming meaningful connections. Our passionate and highly skilled team believe in growing a child holistically and look forward to nurturing your child’s self-discovery at Situla Midrand.

255 Bridle Pass Street, Bridle Park AH, Midrand

Age 4-7 years plus Grade 2 from 2024

  • Small Classes
  • Individual attention
  • Remedial learning
  • Autism Spectrum

*We unfortunately are not equipped to take in children with physical disabilities.

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Kinderkinetics
  • Educational Psychologist and Play Therapy

Tamryn Paulsen:  074 323 0049